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How to Make Fudge Soft Again After it Gets Hard.

If your fudge is tough, hard, or grainy, then you may have made one of several mistakes: You may have overcooked it, beaten it too long, or neglected to cool it to the proper temperature. Don't throw out the whole pan, because you may be able to melt the fudge down and try again. The cooled fudge is then stirred continuously for about 15 minutes or until it begins to set. Afterward it is poured into a wax lined pan where it is hardens for a few hours. The shaped fudge can then be cut and consumed. It's a time consuming process, so avoid throwing away hard fudge. Fudge that has been stirred too long can become too hard, as the sugar crystals become too fine. It can also become hard as a result of overcooking, as the firm-ball stage for sugar is only 5 F higher than the soft-ball stage, between 245 and 250 F. 17/05/2018 · Fudge can be tricky. If it's too soft the usual culprits are not cooking it long enough at the right temp or not beating it long enough. Another reason fudge doesn't "fudge" is due to humidity. If the weather was different from the last time you made it, that could be the reason.

05/09/2017 · Answers: Fudge Too Soft. Either you've added too much liquid or not cooked it long enough. There is "fudge repair' though you can try - All you do is add the liquid ingredients to a heavy pan and then the fudge - be it too hard or too soft and then recook it. 05/01/2007 · I attempted fudge last night, and used a candy thermometer. I used the old fashioned recipe that is on the back of the Hershey's coacoa can you can get it off of their website. I like the fudge that is rather hard on the outside but the inside melts in your mouth. This is how my fudge turned out BUT it got way too hard before I. In a hard boil 250–266 °F or 121–130 °C, dripping again onto a cold surface or into cold water, then touching the drip with your finger, it will be firmer or even hard. The colour will darken slightly to a dark yellow or light brown. For caramel and fudge you go to a soft boil then cool. For tablet and toffee you go to a hard.

15/11/2018 · If there is too much evaporation, when the cooking time is too long, there will not be enough water left in the fudge and it will be too hard. Conversely, if the cooking time is too brief and there is not enough evaporation, too much water will remain and the fudge will be too soft. A temperature of between 112 and 114 °C 234 and 237 °F. Hi Cheri, I'm sorry to say, for a long time I didn't know of any quick fix for fudge that didn't set properly. In many cases, the sugar, butter, and milk mixture needed to be cooked longer or to a hotter temperature.

22/12/2006 · Alas, I don t have a microwave - I ll try to steam it a bit and see if that works. Hope it does - it s fabulous. Pumpkin Spice fudge from the oldest candy store in the United States Ye Olde Cany Company in Salem, Mass.. How to Make Fudge. Fudge is a cooked candy typically made with sugar, butter, and dairy, plus flavorings such as dark chocolate, white chocolate, peanut butter, butterscotch, marshmallow, maple syrup, nuts, and even pumpkin.

I think I am messing up with the boiling. Maybe I bring it to a boil too fast or too hard or cook it too long or not long enough. The first two batches I did turned out perfectly. The next was grainy. I want to prevent future occurrences of the fudge comes out grainy result. Hi Vicki, I think you are right about the cause of your grainy fudge. This is legitimate fudge, old-fashioned fudge, grandma fudge, the kind that needs to be beaten in order to set up. You're following the instructions and stirring dutifully, the fudge is starting to thicken, and--bam! Suddenly you have a rock-hard lump in your saucepan where creamy fudge should be. If you’re making traditional fudge, too soft fudge or too crumbly fudge, which is too hard or dry happens with imprecise heating and stirring and cooling. When making easy fudge using chocolate and sweetened condensed milk, frosting, or sauce your fudge will be too soft if. 03/08/2011 · I too was taught to "not stir" my fudge after it begins to boil. For some reason, it makes it grainy. I've never put a lid on it but I assume this is a good way to keep one from stirring.: I'll try using a lid to see if it makes a difference. Thanks for the tip!

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